It’s been long since I wrote anything here. Past few days have been filled with ups and downs. Today a very dear companion of mine since the past 9 years passed away. It was painful to see him suffer in the last few days and it’s almost destiny that I got to meet him before the end. While he didn’t realize, he taught me so many things about life I can’t even begin to comprehend. It is with such a heavy heart I write this knowing this pain won’t go away so easily. No matter often people say that death is part of life but no words can describe the tearing of the heart one feels when he/she actually witnesses it.

He taught me to love unconditionally no matter how people treated him. It is his selfless endeavor in every breath of his life that often pushes me to work for others. The understanding he had of human emotions surpassed many people I have ever known. I guess knowing they have few years on this earth makes them live life without any regrets. He went about that day without caring he will live to see the next one. His life was a mixture of running, eating and barking at anything that moves. Only three weeks ago I met him and he was perfectly healthy and active. But such things happens with these canine angels, his health deteriorated in the past few days and today he finally collapsed. I feel grateful that I was at-least holding him when he died, screaming and calling the car. He taught me to live life on my own terms without any compromises and to bow to no one, even if that means your human masters. He traveled a lot like me: From a 28 day puppy in Lucknow to Pune then to Jammu and to Delhi. His Journey finally ended at Jalandhar. You will forever stay in our hearts Buzo, my dear old canine friend.

Rest In Peace

Our Beloved Canine Angel

Buzo (2008-2017)


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