I recently ended up appearing for an entrance exam for the second time. For the past few months all of my free time and weekends were getting used up caught up in the preparation. Just like everyone else I had planned a lot of stuff which I would do after the exam gets over and whether this happens with most of the people or not I now waste away my time doing nothing. This seems to be the perfect time to mull over the happenings of the past few months and to realise what a roller coaster ride it has been.

A lot of things happened during the past 5 months. I started working for the first time in my life. The new-found freedom especially in terms of spending money was very much welcome. I happen to meet some wonderful people here and it is thanks to them that a lazy guy like has started liking Mondays. I also found a very special friend who has turned my life upside down. A lot of things have turned out positively for me this year and I somehow feel very grateful to my luck.

Coming to the preparation part, this was my second attempt. Having screwed the test last year due to improper (read non-existent) planning and time management, this time I started with a little bit more wisdom than what is expected of me. Surprisingly the prep was very enjoyable this time. I would rush back from work, have a nap and set out to study. I liked it somehow. It all felt very exciting and challenging. I hadn’t felt like this for any exam ever before, not even in high school.

Slowly I realised my thought process itself started getting better and better. I started solving puzzles and somehow changed from being a “submissive” person to a more competitive one. Was it an effect of the prep or not I didn’t know but I was glad that these changes were happening. My decision of taking this exam again has been very positive for me. It has taught me to aim incredibly high in the hope that even if I fail, I might land up at a comfortable spot.

It is almost funny how much importance we give to these exams in India in general. To us they are like a status symbol, a promise of a better life or a chance to redeem yourself from your past. Whatsoever reason you may have for your goal, however childish it may seem, even if it offers a minor possibility for self-improvement you should go for it. After-all investing in yourself is the best kind of investment there is.

PS: I do not know what results have in store for me this year, I can only hope for the best. Just wrote this because I believe a phase of my life got over and a new one is about to begin.


Yours Truly,

The Lost Soul 🙂



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